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The current state of ransomware

We are in an era of cyber security dominated by cryptographic cyber attacks. The advent of these new types of malicious scripts began in early 2013 with the release of Cryptolocker ransomware. Cryptolocker was the first of many cryptographic mediums to be launched against the public and private sectors. These attacks, while simplistic, are brutal and devastating to any system or network they infect.

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Why are cryptographic viruses so dangerous?

Viruses like Cryptolocker are invasive, and usually gain access to a user computer via a backdoor (secret) connection, a connection usually made by a malicious or infected advertisement or script on a website. In 2013, Cryptolocker found much of its initial success by infecting widely used advertising networks. These Ad networks then unknowing distributed infected Ads to hundreds of high-traffic public websites. When a user visits a website with an infected advertisement a script will execute and begin downloading data behind-the-scenes onto the user’s computer.

In many cases cryptographic viruses are NOT detected by the user or anti-virus software until after the entire computer is corrupted.

What can I do to protect my data from cryptographic viruses?

Catanzaro Computer Systems uses the latest in anti-virus and anti-spyware applications. While nothing in cyber security is bullet-proof, we do our best to protect our clients data. There are many points-of-vulnerability, called “attack vectors” that CatComSys works tirelessly to mitigate.

To Find out more on cryptographic attacks and how to protect your company’s data, contact us today!